Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Misandry: The other side of sexism

Misandry is the hate of men.  It's counterpart, misogyny, the hate of women, is much better known.  Some people call this "reverse sexism", but they do not understand the term.  This is not a reversal of sexism but sexism itself.  Today, many people think there is no such thing as a systematic oppression of males in our society, some people think such a thing could never happen, and some have never even thought of the idea.

Sadly, after exploring the reactions to similar topics, I have little faith in people and their ability to see either the main points or the bigger picture, and I feel as though I need to blatantly defend myself with this disclaimer to spare myself a lot of hateful comments:
I do not intend to belittle the issues women face every day due to our patriarchy, neither do I intend to deny any privileges that men may have in society.  I intend to draw attention to issues that men face, and suggest the possibility that women are privileged in their own way in the same society.  The two statements are not at all exclusive.  I do not consider myself feminist nor masculinist, but humanist: I aim for women's rights just as I aim for men's rights, with equality between all sexes and other categorizations of people, be they in gender, sexuality, race, etc.  Finally, I do not at all claim that we are at an equality where we are now, just that equality is the ideal goal.

I have collected 4 major recent cases that easily display the misandry in today's society, and each one will cover a topic of flirting/being sexualized, exhibitionism/voyeurism, rape, and genital mutilation.  With these few cases, I hope to bring to light some of the unfairness that men deal with.  Each case will be presented objectively, then presented again with reversed gender roles to further push objectivity, followed by my own analysis of the situation.  Please read about each case and look up more about it if you'd like to know more.