Friday, October 21, 2011

IGDA meeting

Last night I went to my first IGDA meeting.  For those that don't know, it stands for the International Game Developers Association.  I've wanted to go to one of their meetings before, but I was too nervous. I thought there was nothing that anyone there would be interested in, but I was wrong.

There are tons of artists, tons of programmers, tons of students, and tons of hobbyists that all want to get their foot in the door.  It takes a bit of confidence to throw yourself out there, but it is worth it, all the way.  Last night, I went looking for artists to help with my current project, Quarantine: T.O. and I met everyone I was looking for.  I gave my name to dozens of people, and I collected dozens more.

Seeing the industry from the inside is really helpful.  No matter what your industry is, I'm sure the same rule applies.  Get out there!

~ John Adam

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