Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zombies overtaking Toronto

There were zombies walking the streets of my city on saturday!  Real live zombies!  Okay, they weren't living zombies... Well, actually, they were!

The annual zombie walk is the best event, ever.  Hundreds of people, maybe over a thousand, get together dressed as the undead, and shamble down the streets, wreaking terror and havoc unto the city.  I wish I was able to take pictures, but my phone is still dead.

There were zombie brides, zombie grooms, zombie teddy bears, zombie dogs, Mario and Luigi zombies, princess zombies, construction worker zombies, zombie police, prisoner zombies, zombies eating limbs, dragon ball Z zombies, zombies with intestines falling out, hockey player zombies with hockey sticks through their hearts, and maybe my favourite: Jesus zombies complete with his cross.

There were so many zombies that the cars were having a hard time driving against them, and had to deal with broken bodies smearing fake blood all over their windows.  There were enough cries of "What do we want?" "BRAINS!" "When do we want 'em?" "BRAINS!" to make anyone smile.

An interesting addition this year was the occupy movement zombies.  They held signs that said great lines, like "Hungry?  Eat a banker!", "Zombies have rights, too!", "We only get 1% of the brains!".  There were quite a few of them, and each one was unique.  Sadly, there was about 100 times the people at the zombie walk than at the occupy movement.

I really like how current events influence walk.  It makes sure it's never stale.  Of course, how could it ever get stale?  It's zombies!  Of course, for those that don't know, my game, Quarantine TO is a zombie game placed in Toronto, and the breakout occurs during the zombie walk.  It's just the perfect time!

~ John Adam

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