Thursday, October 13, 2011

Samsung sph m540 evdo pcs - an epitaph

My cell phone, my poor little cell phone, has died.  Despite the fact that it's been dying since the day I got it, it's served me pretty well over the 2 years.

I'm going to start off by saying that it was not a smart phone.  Not in the least.  I guess since it had a capable keyboard, you could place it on the phone intelligence scale, but it would be set right at the bottom, next to rocks.

As far as I know, it was called the Samsung Rant.  Now please allow me to rant.

  • it would turn off randomly
  • the images it could take were only acceptable quality when making huge files
  • the keyboard was loosing its ability to type, deciding that "P", "O", and "Space" weren't important
  • the face buttons lost all their paint quite fast
  • the alarm would fail to go off sometimes
  • and then, the alarm would go off, randomly, "Hey, it's 4:38pm!  You told me to go off at 8am, but this is much better!"
  • it would beep, extremely loud, every time it received a text while reading a text, writing a text, or stuck on the screen saying that my text has been sent
  • it would freeze and crash when receiving a text while sending one, and delete all my messages
  • it could only hold a hundred texts at one time, about half my day's quota
  • when sending a text that put it over the 100 mark, it would beep extremely loud and tell me about it, stopping me from doing anything else for a time
  • when receiving a text during this message, you guessed it, it would delete everything!
Of course, I am still going to miss having a phone...
  • No texting - obviously the worst.  My average messages sent/received for a day was 200.
  • No alarm clock - I better learn to wake up on my own...
  • No phone number to accept job offers
  • No easy way to get the current time
  • No way to take pictures, videos, voice memos
  • No looking at my girlfriend's cute face (as the wallpaper) all day anymore </3
I don't know how long I'm going to last without a phone, but really I was paying too much for it anyway.  I was thinking of cancelling it soon.  But I'm probably going to lose my mind without my phone... we'll see how long I can last.

~ John Adam

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